Take Action!

You’ve seen The Dream is Now documentary, you support Immigration Reform, you’ve signed our petition, but now what? What else can you do to show your support and see Immigration Reform through until it’s passed? 

Take a look at our newly updated Take Action page. We have added a few new features that will help everyone show they support Dreamers. 

Add a banner to your profile picture!


1. Download a blue, green or pink banner from the Take Action page. Click on the banner. It will open as an image in a new tab or page for you to save.

2. Open the Picmonkey App in Facebook or visit the Picmonkey web application.

3. Select a photo (if you’re using the FB app) or upload a profile photo. Square images work best so you might want to crop your photo.

4. Click on the “Overlays” icon, and then click on “Your Own”. See example above.

5. Upload the banner that you downloaded from our site. Resize it and place it on the top or bottom of your profile photo.

6. Save the image. You can then share it to Facebook and make it your profile picture. From there you can use it on any site you like.

Tweet your senator!

1. Select the state you live in from the dropdown list.

2. Click on “Send Tweet”.

3. You will then be asked to sign into Twitter and can see the tweet before sending it.

Write a letter to your elected official!

1. Use our template to send a letter to your elected official.

2. Edit the body of the letter if you want.

3. Fill out the fields.

4. Click “Send Letter” and the email will be sent to the officials for your zipcode. Or you can download or print the letter if you would like to send it by mail.

Thank you to everyone who supports The Dream is Now project. Let’s make our presence known and our voices heard!