So you want to hold a screening?

That’s great, but would it be well-received on your campus? Here is some feedback from Fairfield University after holding their The Dream is Now screening:


Since it was a 2hr event the first thing we did was give the attendees fake money and asked for a passport. We rejected and denied all IDs and then told them if they had the option to “Cross the Border”. Students walked around the room and read myths vs facts on immigration and saw posters/drawing I have collected about why each individual support immigration reform.
While the attendees read the facts, we had smugglers, coyotes and border patrol take their money or send them to the entrance (border) again. We also gave students and teachers the option was “Apply for a VISA “.  If they took that they had to go to the back of the line or attempt to cross the border, depending on the amount of money they had left. We denied everyone from a visa, which is what happens in real life, so in the end they had to cross the border without “documentation”. Then presented the film.  
Many of the students were surprised with the film because they didn’t know much about about immigration but were happy they came. We had alot of feedback like:
 ”I didn’t think I was going to like the film, but it turned out to be a great film and extremely powerful” 
"The documentary was really powerful and I could relate to it"
"The film was great and to be honest there were some part in which I felt tears coming"
Guadalupe Ramirez
Thank you Guadalupe and Fairfield University for supporting The Dream is Now and Immigration Reform!